The story of Spinfly

One morning during breakfast on a beautiful terrace with ocean view in the citiy of Rovinj, Croatia, Fela, a 10 year old girl, throw a cheese lid towards us. As it flew by a light bulb went on in my head: "How interesting! It flies so good, let us play more!" After breakfast, three of us: Fela, Noa and me (Svemir) played with this lid as mini flying disc. At that time hand spinners were very popular. Fela had almost 10 of them but they were heavy and bulky and of course could not fly. I asked myself: "Can I make spinner fly?" A month later a Spinfly was born. 

Spinfly became a mini flying disc with bearing. Our oceans are so full of plastic that I decide to make it 100% biodegradable. In the process I learned couple of things:
1. it is not easy to find biodegradable materials, 2. they cost up to 5 times more than regular plastic. Still, the deep intention is there to follow through and to make biodegradability a standard. In the middle of Spinfly holders there are po…
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