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The story of Spinfly

The story of Spinfly
One morning during breakfast on a beautiful terrace with view on the Adriatic city of Rovinj, Croatia, Fela, a 10 year old girl, threw a cheese lid towards us. As it flew by a light bulb went on in my head: "How interesting! It flies so good, let us play more!" After breakfast, three of us: Fela, Noa and me played with this lid as mini flying disc. At that time hand spinners so called fidget spinners were very popular. Fela had almost 10 of them but they were heavy and bulky and of course they were not intended to fly. I asked myself: "Can I make spinner fly?" A month later a first prototype of Spinfly was born.

With a help of Krešimir Jelušić, 3D designer, Spinfly became a mini flying disc with bearing. Our oceans are so full of plastic that I decide to make it 100% biodegradable. In the process I learned that it is not easy to find biodegradable materials and that they cost up to 5 times more than regular plastic. Still, the deep intention was there to follow through and to make biodegradability a standard. As I met Eva and Domen Straser of  Evegreen in Slovenia and their partner from Germany Nature2need this dream became a reality. They provided needed biodegradable formula for Spinfly and delivered materials for production. In the middle of Spinfly we decided to put poppy seeds that can grow into plants and flowers if you lose your Spinfly in the nature.

As Spinfly Kids is for kids between 5 -12 years the next model will be Spinfly Pro for teenagers and grown ups…that is why we say that Spinfly is for all from 5 – 105.

Technical side:

On a technical side, when spinned around it's bearing, Spinfly can reach up to 600 RPM (rotation per second) which is more than frisbee (ca 300 RPM) and therefore even while being smaller Spinfly have superb flying abilities. 

Spin around axis creates gyroscopic stability and launching speed gives disc wing's fly ability. 
 Nice article about flying disc physics is written here by Australian Flying Disc Association.  

The CTO of Spinfly project is ing. Miroslav Tončić. Based on 3D model he created 3 injection moulding tools for production of Kids model and he is the one who helped Fly X passing through the bootstrapping stage all the way to production stage. In over a year he made many iterations to bring initial 3D model to a true flying fidget.

Kazimir Samoscanec is a Chief Designer and he helped with creation of packaging and designs for different Spinfly customers.
As Spinfly Kids is for kids between 5 -12 years the next model will be Spinfly Pro for teenagers and grown ups…that is why we say that Spinfly is for all from 5 – 105.

Our present order is for Future 4.0 conference which happens in Velenje, Slovenia. All partners, Evegreen, ing. Tončić and designer Kazimir Samoscanec gave their input to bring Spinfly to another level.

What is good for:

Spinfly is a great tool for development of coordination and precision, it is amazing relaxation tool for outdoor and indoor activities and it is used for branding of your product, school or service. It may reduce stress and make you smile. It takes around 5 minutes to learn how to throw Spinfly and after fun and exploration of numerous possibilities begin.

As most of inventions it is a child of coincidence backed with much work, persistence and love.

For any questions about customized Spinfly for branding or individualized present please send us e-mail:

So far we got two Awards:
  • INOVA 2018. - International Fair of Innovations Spinfly won a Golden Medal
  • Startup Live Zagreb 2018. - Special Prize – Spinfly

In this video, Svemir Vranko, inventor of Spinfly shows couple of throws.

If you like Spinfly and would like to order one, please drop us email on: 

We are proud member of Zagreb innovation Centre - ZICER.