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ENG: Spinfly takes a little to learn and than you can have fun anywhere! Here is the list of some common ways how to spin and throw Spinfly.

HR: U par koraka možeš naučiti kako bacati Spinfly kako bi krenuo u zabavu u zatvorenom ili otvorenom prostoru! Pokazat ću nekoliko Spinfly bacanja. Druga Spinfly bacanja možeš izmisliti sam.

 1. ENG: Hold spinfly in centre between the thumb and finger. 
1. HR: Drži Spinfly za centralni držač između palca i kažiprsta.

2. ENG: Spin it with other hand. 
2. HR: Zavrti ga s drugom rukom.

3. ENG: While it spins throw it like a stone while making sure that Spinfly disc is in horizontal position to the ground. Make sure that as you throw it you do not block the spin with your fingers. Spinfly will head in the direction you aim.
3. HR: Dok se disk vrti baci ga poput kamena, ali pripazi da je u horizontalnom položaju u odosu na zemlju. Također, u trenutku bacanja prste treba širom otvoriti kako ne bi blokirali vrtnju diska. Ako smo dobro usmjereli vrteći disk Spinfly leti u željenom pravcu.

ENG: Different throws
HR: Različita bacanja

1.  ENG: Fela throw While disc is spinning swing with your hand turned towards the body and throw Spinfly in desired direction with circular motion outwards. It is like backend throw in tennis.
1. HR: Fela bac Zavrti disk sa suprotnom rukom i zamahni rukom koja drži Spinfly od suprotnog kuka prema van poput bekenda u tenisu. Izbaci vrteći disk.

2. ENG: Frog throw Hold arm like a forehand in tennis, or like you are skimming a stone over water. Throw at a 45 degree angle upwards. 
2. HR: Žabica Zavrti Spinfly. Ruku drži kao forhend u tenisu ili kao da bacaš kamenčić koji odskače po površini vode. Bacaš pod 45 stupnjeva prema naprijed i gore.

3. ENG: Leona throw Spin the disc. Hold Spinfly at eye level and throw.
3. HR: Leona bac Zavrti disk i izbaci ga naprijed dok ga držiš horizontalno u razni očiju.

4. ENG: Miro throw Throw the Spinfly up in the air like a simple stone throwing. If you wish to reach shoulder level of the other player, you must throw double the height. For example: if your goal is 2 metres, you must aim to throw 4 meters high. 
4. HR: Miro bac Zavrti disk i zamahni rukom odozdo prema gore kao da bacaš kamen. Ako želiš postići da disk dođe do razine ramena onoga kome bacaš, ciljaj za još jednu visinu. Npr. ako ti je cilj pogoditi visinu 2 metra, gađaj 4 metra u zrak i naprijed.

5.  ENG: Bumerang Check the wind direction.Throw the Spinfly into the wind at a 45 degree upward angle. Like a boomerang, Spinfly will come back to you.
5. HR: Bumerang Provjeri smjer puhanja vjetra. Baci Spinfly u vjetar pod 45 stupnjeva nagiba naprijed i gore. Poput bumeranga, uz malo vježbe, Spinfly će ti se vratiti.

6. ENG: Behind the tree throw Two players stand either side of a tree. Use the 45 degree sideways throw. Spinfly will fly halfway around the tree and your partner on the other side can catch it. 
6.HR: Bac iza drveta Dva igrača stoje iza svake strane drveta. Baca se pod 45 stupnjeva na stranu oko drveta prema drugom igraču. 

ENG: Instruction video
HR: Video s nekim uputama za bacanje

Have fun!


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